How do I cite ChatGPT & Other AI Tools in Chicago Style?


As AI changes and develops, the answer to this may change or become outdated.  

This is Chicago’s guidance as of March 2023:

Chicago does not require a citation for content generated by ChatGPT and other AI tools.  Mentioning it as the source of content within your work is enough; for example: ChatGPT created the following poem.


While this is Chicago’s guidance, check with your professor about whether they require a citation for content created by AI tools.  Most will likely require a citation so here is what Chicago recommends:

  • Only create a footnote, not a bibliography citation for this content.
  • Treat the AI tool as the author of the content.
  • The words, response to, followed by the prompt will be the title.
  • The company that created the AI tool should be the publisher.
  • Include the date of the content’s creation.
  • Finish with a link to the tool’s main website.  As of now there is no way to create a specific link to AI generated materials.  This is considered optional.


  1. AI Tool Name, response to “Full Text of Prompt,” Company Name, Date of Prompt, URL.


  1. ChatGPT, response to “Describe a rose in 2 paragraphs,” OpenAI, September 26, 2023,


For more information, see Chicago’s FAQ.


If you need further help, contact a librarian.


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