How do I cite a webpage from a website?


In general you should be citing specific pages of websites and not an entire website.  This question goes over how to cite specific pages and not an entire website.  For all styles, if there isn’t a person named as author, you can lead with the title of the page or the name of the organization that created the website.  Many webpages will not have specific dates, refer to the Library’s FAQs on “How Do I Cite Sources that Don’t Have a Date?” or “How Do I Cite a Webpage that Only Provides a Copyright Date Range?”

To cite a website APA Style recommends:

For Organization/Business Websites:

    Name of Organization/Business. (Date of Webpage). Title of webpage. URL.

    Marshall & Sterling. (2022). History.

For Other Websites:

    Last Name, First Initial, if available. (Date of Webpage). Title of webpage. Name of Website. URL.

    Price, D. (2018, March 23). Laziness does not exist. Medium.

To cite a website Chicago Style recommends:

    Last name, Firstname, if available or Organization/Business Name. “Title of Webpage.” Name of Website. Publication or modified date if available.     Access date if no other date is available. URL.

    Marshall & Sterling. “History.” Marshall & Sterling.

To cite a website MLA Style recommends: 

    Last name, first name, if available. “Title of the Webpage.” Name of Website, Website Publisher if different from website name, Date of website/modified/updated date, if available, URL.  Access date if no other date is available.

    Price, D. “Laziness does not exist.” Medium. Mar. 23, 2018.

To cite a website CSE Name-Year Style recommends:

For those websites that name a person as author of a page:

    Author Last Name First Initial(s). Year, Month Day, if available. Title of webpage. Publication Location for Website Creator: Publisher; [Accessed date (formatted Accessed Month Day, Year)]. URL.

    Price D. 2018, March 23. Laziness does not exist. Medium. Yorktown Heights: Medium; [Accessed April 3, 2019].

For those websites that don’t name a person as an author of a page:

    Creator of Website.* Copyright date for website (formatted cYear). Publication Location for Website Creator: Publisher (can be the same as creator). Title of webpage; date of webpage, if available [Accessed date]. URL.

    Marshall & Sterling. c2022. Poughkeepsie: Marshall & Sterling. History; 2022 [Accessed August 2, 2022].

*This could be an organization, business, parent company for the website, etc.


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